Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstien Nails!

Happy Sunday!

Hello guys! Today I bring you another nail art post for the Halloween!

This post is inspired by yet another amazing beauty guru who does amazing YouTube videos. Every year I look forward to her Halloween tutorials. Not that I could ever recreate the perfection she does, but she does have some nail art tutorials that are super easy and fun to recreate!

Back in 2010 Youtuber GoldieStarling put out a tutorial on Frankenstein nails, this tutorial in particular made me want to do more nail art. Now at the time I didn't have a blog in 2010 but I still practiced it and attempted this tutorial and it was a big hit amongst my co-workers and friends. So in thinking of what to do for some Halloween post I thought I would re-do these amazing nails and show them to you.  Below is Goldiestarlings original video on how to do these amazing nails!

For my Frankie nails I used Orly Green Apple for his skin, my Sinful Colors Black Striper to create his hair, mouth and eyes and eye brows, and Pure Ice Superstar to make the whites of his eyes.

Here are my pictures of my Frankie Nails!

I think they came out pretty good! They are super simple, I think it took me about a half hour to do these nails and then about 10 mins to dry!

I hope you try out Goldiestarling's designs!
Until next time <3 Nicole