Monday, October 29, 2012

Cover Girl Stay Brillant Nail Gloss in Wine Stain.

Hello! As I type this we have a hurricane-a-brewin' outside. Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us here in Northeast. Last year on this very day we had a freak snow storm, so I'm pretty sure the apocalypse is happening....haha just kidding....maybe. Next it will be zombies or something....

Anyway I haven't forgotten that Halloween is in three days and today I have a very simple nail polish for you that would go great if you are going to be a witch or a vampire or you just don't like nail art and just want a color that says vampy but still somewhat work appropriate.

I know a polish is work appropriate for me when no one notices it at work. So this polish is by Cover Girl! I have never seen Cover Girl Nail Polish before, but I should refer to it as they call it Nail Gloss. I had heard they would be releasing a line of polishes and I was excited to see what they would produce. While at Walmart preparing for this lovely hurricane we had to go past the beauty section to pet supplies and low and behold there on an end cap was the new collection. I was immediately drawn in to the display due to the bottles. They look like Chanel Nail Polish bottles. Tiny little square bottles. Then the excitement dropped as I didn't particularly like the color choices. they had some nice what I call ' mom' colors or colors my mother would wear. I then picked up a vibrant purple color that was the brightest in the display and decided to get that and then I saw the one I am about to show you today.

I love a good vampy red color, it looks the best on my skin tone, so when I grabbed for Wine Stain, (the name of this perdy color) I definitely saw Halloween, and also it made me think of all the 'Oxblood' polishes that I have seen some people get excited about.

So now two new Cover Girl Nail Glosses were making there way home with me, the only other downside was the size of the polish and price, you  get 10ml of polish for $4.97. That's kind of steep even for Walmart. I would expect that price at CVS or Walgreen's, even Rite Aid. The Maybeline Color Show Polishes which are the same size only go for $2.97 at my Walmart the last time I looked. So its up to you as the consumer and nail polish addicts to decided on whether five bucks a pop is worth it to you.

Here are my swatches of Wine Stain. I like this polish a lot, two coats is good for opacity, and clean up is not such a bitch as it usually is with dark red polishes. The finish is very glossy and shiny, and it kind of has that jelly-esq finish to it.

I'm still wearing this polish as I write this and after a long night at work I only have two small chips on my right hand on my thumb and pointer fingers. far so good I guess, and let me remind you what I do for a living. I work in customer service lifting heavy objects and register tills and constantly digging my hand into till to pick up change and money to count, then there is the dreaded self-check out which are metal bins that I have actually sheared my pinkie nail off of before. In conclusion only having two small chips is pretty good :) The only bad thing with the bottle is the top, trying to hold that square top and paint your nails gets bulky and almost blocks my vision to my nail so I have to crane my head to see I get it on the nail and not on the finger.

Okay so that's it for this post. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see how I used this polish in nail art!

Talk to you soon
<3 Nicole