Thursday, October 25, 2012

China Glaze Wicked Collection: Bizzare Blurple.

Good Morning!

Today I have to show you all  another polish from China Glaze's Wicked Collection! Bizzare Blurple is the name of the polish, and I have to say that the name suits it well! I have never seen a polish like this before.

It is a lovely shimmery puprle based polish packed full with blue shimmer! This polish is perfect in two coats. The formula is amazing, its not runny or to gloopy, I could get a good one coat and not have to dip my brush back in to get more polish!  Its got this glowy effect to it which I love! If I was going to dress up as a witch for Hallween I would wear this polish for my nails! Thats exactly what I think when I look at this polish!

Clean up was a little difficult like any dark polish I did have a bit of residue around my cuticles.

Sadly my camera didn't want to pick up any of the purple in this polish! Not even my Iphone would pick it up and usually it does such a good job if my digital camera miss something!

I absolutley love this polish and I do plan on wearing this polish at points all year round! If you want to find any of the China Glaze Wicked Polishes, you can purchase them from the usual online e-tailers, Sally Beauty which is where I picked up mine!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this post!
Unitl Next time! <3 Nicole