Saturday, October 27, 2012

China Glaze Immortal vs. Claw Polish Phantom

Good Morning!

Hope you all are well! For those of us here in the Northeast we are currently watching and waiting on Hurricane Sandy. She is supposed to hit some where near New Jersey late Monday night and bring lots of rain and wind :( This would be my second hurricane, the first one being Hurricane Irene, (really she was a tropical storm) but it certainly caused a huge mess. I'm hoping Sandy doesn't do that much damage this time, since most places are just getting back on their feet over a year later.

Anywho on to today's post! I hinted a few post back that I had another dupe post for you, and if you read the title then you know exactly what I am talking about! This year China Glaze put out this amazing grey creme polish that has the slightest shimmer of blue and silver and a hint of magenta. When I first saw bottle shots and early swatches I thought that it could be close to a polish I got last Halloween.

So when I saw it in person at Sally's I knew it most likely was a dupe but I had to have it anyway!

So today I bring CG Immortal vs. Claw Polish Phantom.

Lets talk about the Claw Polish. I only bought this polish because I had seen swatches of it on my all time favorite beauty blog Nouveau Cheap! I thought it looked unique and I did not have any grey polishes at the time, when I saw it in CVS I thought okay its pretty but it might be sheer. It is a buildable sheer polish. The shimmer in it is significantly silver/grey but you occasionally see a small speck of blue or magenta  After wearing it for a short time last year I included it in my top 11 polishes of 2011.

The formula on these two polishes is different but not in a way that will shock you. Immortal is a tad thicker than Phantom and only needs two coats to be opaque, where as Phantom looks best at three. Both polishes after four coats are this very dark graphite grey which to me wasn't very appealing. In my photos below are three coats and one coat of top coat.

So to compare, China Glaze Immortal is on my pinkie and middle finger and Phantom is on my ring and pointer finger. These two polishes are dead on dupes for each other, the only difference being the formula. I would say that if you didn't have access to the Claw Polishes from last year, although I hear they are out at Kmart this year then the China Glaze polish is a good pick.

I hope you enjoyed my dupe post! And thanks for taking the time out to read it!
Until next time <3 Nicole