Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spoiled I Don't Drink Cheap Wine


Hope you all are having a great weekend. I am spending mine like I always do, at work.

Today I bring you a polish I picked up at CVS from the Spoiled Collection made by Wet 'n' Wild. For $1.99 you really can't beat these polishes, such an awesome array of colors and glitters and finishes. This is called 'I Don't Drink Cheap Wine', and by the name you guessed it, its a wine colored polish. For some reason I don't own many of these types of polishes, but this fall I find myself by more and more of these polishes, and I do not consider it a bad thing. Okay maybe for my wallet it is. :)

'I Don't Drink Cheap Wine' took about three coats to be opaque. the first coat is really streaky, but by the second coat it help cleans it up. When looking at my nails in the light I could see visible brush drag, so I suggest letting each coat dry before adding the next.

This polish has a very nice subtle shimmer to it, sadly its only visible in direct light. As for a description of the color, in the store it seemed more berry looking, then in natural sunlight you can see ruby tones appear.

Okay so that's it for this post. Sorry it so short :( I'm trying to work on some fall designs to put up soon.  Hope you guys enjoyed it. Until the next post!