Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Nail Color : Dazzling

Happy Thursday to you all!

Wow it's been a little while since my last post! Life's just been quite busy, between work and personal life!

Today I bring you a polish that I got for a steal! I went into the Dollar Tree as I do about once ever couple of weeks to see what new polishes they may have gotten in and low and behold I find six colors from Sally Hansen I've never seen before!

These lacquers are technically vintage since when I researched them they were originally released in 2007! They are called Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Nail Color! Out of the six colors I grabbed five. The sixth color just wasnt me :(

The first color in the collection I'm going to feature here on the blog is called Dazzling! Dazzling is a brilliant ruby red color! All of the polishes in this line are jewel tones which as we know are big for fall this year!

Application was fairly easy. The brushes on these polishes are the thin standard polish brush not the the thicker versions we see nowadays. Although part of me really likes those brushes for some reason. I feel I have better control over my brush strokes.

Two coats is perfect opacity. Dry time is normal for a Sally Hansen, usually by the five minute mark it's dry to the touch and you put your top coat on no problem. Pairing this polish with the Insta-Dry top coat really makes this gem shine.

For one measly dollar and 8 eight cents plus tax each I think they are rather worth it. Check out the pictures below!

Do the bottles look familiar to you? When comparing them to other Sally Hansen polish bottles I noticed Sally Hansen re-issued these bottles with the HD polishes, top and all except the HD tops are silver and these are black, the Gem Crush Collection also has the same style bottles. Personally I like the bottles they are easy to hold for photos.