Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red Cheetah Nails. Rawr!

Hello! Happy Thursday!

Today's post is inspired by the concept of the Jelly Sandwich. I've explained what a Jelly Sandwich many times here on the blog, take a look at this post here if your not sure!

Taking the concept of the jelly sandwich I decided to try encapsulating a stamp instead! Same general idea just using a stamp in place of what would be glitter. It also makes me think of the amazing nail polish jewelry out there in the world!

Starting off I used one coat of Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, a brilliant red jelly polish that is readily available in drugstores and now even Walmart, that's where I got mine from! Of course you do need to start off with a base coat before your polish so you can protect your nails. I recently purchased Orly Bonder about a month ago and have been using it in every manicure I do and it is wonderful! The coolest thing though is I've even gotten my mom to start using it, and now that she is retired (what a lucky duck) she is testing the waters on different color polishes too!

Bonder is a rubberizing base coat, at least that's what its described as being on the bottle, it dries super quick and definitely makes the polish smooth and stay on longer ( not that I keep my manicures on for longer than 3 days anyway).

OK so back to the manicure. Once the first coat of Ruby Ruby is dry, I took Wet 'n' Wild Black creme, my holy grail black polish for stamping, and stamped the cheetah/leopard print from the Salon Express Kit. Normally at this stage you would be done, add a top coat and bam, but no I went and added another thin layer of Ruby Ruby once the stamp was dry. It does dull the stamped design just a little but that's okay its what we want, the black creme is still very much see-able but it looks like its encased in the nail!

I tried this with a few other color stamps and white actually would of looked really cool, it gave a very subtle effect but not what I wanted. Once your top layer is dry add you top coat and you are done!

Take a look at the pictures if my long winded response confuses you!

Okay so I hope you liked this post! Stay tuned for more soon!