Thursday, September 20, 2012

China Glaze: I'm Not Lion

Hey guys! Hope you all are fabulous!!!

I have been doing well, some awesome things are happening in my life! My best friend Stephanie, who has been my BFF for the last 7 years just had her first baby! Gianna Nicole, yes Stephanie was awesome and gave her daughter my name as her middle name! I was so excited when she told me she was pregnant! This was the first time I have had anyone close to me have a kid so I couldn't wait to be involved! Since Steph and I are like sisters I got to go to one of the sonograms and see baby Gianna, and I got to help with the baby shower! When Gianna was born I got to go the day after and see her and I got to hold her! Holding a one day old baby is amazing she so tiny and squishy! I can't wait to see her grow up and learn to talk and call me aunt pumpernickel (yeah that's my nickname)!

The other awesome thing happening in my life right now is that I am about to make my final credit card debt payment this week! Its taken me about a year to pay it off! Don't get me wrong I make sure all bills that need to be paid are paid first before I go out and buy anything such as clothing, make up or nail polish.

So anyway after sharing that awesome news with you guys, its time to show you my manicure! I finally decided to wear a glitter polish I bought back on my birthday in July. Today I have China Glaze's I'm not Lion!

This is a pale gold glitter that is finely milled and packed with some holographic bits as well! It is so pretty in the bottle and on the nail! You can wear this polish on its own like I am in this post or you can layer it over black or any dark color to make it pop!

Two coats is more than enough for opacity alone, it does dry very gritty. It's the one thing I hate most about glitter polishes and the fact they eat top costs like crazy! I love when a glitter dries smooth they are few and far between but they'd do exist!

OK so on to the pictures!

The first picture is with a flash and no top coat. The second picture is no flash with two coats of top coat (Sally Hansen Insta Dry) and the last picture is a blurry shot to see the sparkly-ness of I'm Not Lion.

I'm Not Lion is one of the glitters from the On Safari Collection from China Glaze and should still be available online through places like Head2Toe Beauty, Transdesign, and Victoria Nail Supply. Prices may vary by E-tailer. I purchased my polish at Sally's Beauty Supply when they had the collection.

Okay so I hoped you enjoyed that and I will have a new post soon! I have an idea in the works but it's not properly thought out yet :)

OK talk to you all soon :)