Wednesday, August 1, 2012



So I know back a few days ago I said I would be participating in the 9 week summer challenge, I'm still going to attempt it I may just be late with this
First week.

With my BFF/sisters shower approaching at a rapid rate I am so busy! Making cake bites over the next few days... Getting the gifts together and also do all normal everyday errands. Its nuts! I want to finish with the Nails Inc Sprinkles first so that might be the first post on Friday. I hope to also start posting a regular basis. Although now that my mom is officially retired and home we are going to Do massive purge of crap in our house that we don't need anymore so that's going to take up some time! I will keep posting throughout that even if my freshly manicured hands chip throughout the process!

Please bear with me as all the stuff going on! I know i need to post to Facebook more too but to keep up
With me just hit the become a fan button for Facebook and follow me button for twitter to get new alerts on blog post and life things!

Okay that's enough of a rant for now!

Talk to you all Friday!