Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles, The final two!

Good afternoon polish lovers! I hope you all are having a great day! I myself just got done with work about an hour and a half a go and boy could I go for a nap. 7:30 mornings are killer!

Today I bring you the final two Nails Inc Sprinkles Polishes, Pudding Lane and Sweets Way.

We shall start with Sweets way. Now when I saw swatches of this polish I initially like it, but for some reason when I swatched it on my nails I didn't like it. I had tried it once before over a white polish since the base on Sweets Way is milky white. Sadly that didn't look good either. I thought maybe by pairing them with a thin layer of a similar base color might help lessen the amount of coats you need to get the jelly effect but nope, not a chance.

Sweets way is opaque in three coats, and in dealing with a glitter polish three layers is quite a lot of glitter. This polish is also similar to Revlon's Whimsical and Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air only in the sense that the glitter color is the same baby pink, baby blue and silver. Although with Sweets way its all small round glitter and way more densely packed.

The pictures I have for you are three coats with a top coat in natural sunlight.

The final polish is Pudding Lane. I think that  this one is my favorite out of all of the collection. I don't have a blue this vibrant, or in this shade. Pudding Lane's glitter is gold and a darker blue glitter, which when the gold polish is mixed with the blue it almost looks like a lime green which is awesome. Two coats is more than enough to get this polish opaque. I suggest though with this polish to put on a couple layers of base coat because it DOES STAIN when removed. It doesn't stand horribly like Sally Hansen's Insta Dry Freeze but your nails will have a blue tinge to them.

Now the weird thing was that not all of the nails had the stain, its was like maybe 3 out of my 5 fingers. The way I removed the stain was by going back over my nail with a clean cotton ball and more acetone and then going into the bathroom and taking some soap (I used my Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing) and a nail brush and gave my nails a good scrub. The little micro beads in the soap paired with the nail brush took off the stain in no time!

These pictures were taking in natural sunlight and no top coat.

So that's it for the Nails Inc. Sprinkles collection! I do really like these polishes and hope that more companies will continue the trend of all mixed together jelly polishes! I hope you all enjoyed this post , and I will talk to you all soon!