Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glitter Jelly Sandwich time! Glitter Jelly Sandwich time..

Like the title? Yeah me trying to be clever....Anywho, Hello!!!

Hope you all are having a good Saturday, its still raining here in good ole New York. Lucky me had to walk through a tremendous downpour just to get from my car to my front door... which has no awning or gutters so its like walking through a waterfall. Needless to say I got an unneeded second shower today!

Today I bring you another bright happy manicure. A jelly sandwich! Jelly sandwiches are so easy to do! You take a jelly polish, put on one to two layers of it, let it dry, add one coat of your favorite multi colored glitter polish or just some sort of glitter polish in general and then add one more thin coat of your jelly polish and TA DA you have a jelly sandwich.

Now you could save your self some time and buy the polishes that already have all the ingredients together and all you have to do is apply two to three coats of it. I personally wish I had more of those types. I don't own many jelly polishes myself in fact I think I only own one or two. Oh and if your curious as to what a jelly polish is, it is a polish that you can still see through/ or  see your visible nail line even after three coats.

Today's jelly sandwich consist of two coats of Sinful Colors Scandal. Now I bought Scandal way before all the Sinful Colors Hullabaloo. Now while I don't support what they did in any sense, it was just down right wrong, I'm still going to use the polishes I have... Since I'm on that no buy....

After I applied Scandal's first two coats and let dry, I then applied one coat of Confetti Polish in Tasmanian Devil. This polish is a good dupe for all those other rainbow glitter polishes out there and its fairly cheap too. I got mine from CVS but I don't remember how much it was, check with your local retailer to get the exact price for your area.

Once Tasmanian Devil was dry I applied one more thin coat over top to give the 'suspended' look. If I may say that it came out nicely.

 This first picture was taken with the flash on my camera, it only happened because the sun that peeked out right when I was ready to take pictures dashed away behind the clouds. :(

This is by far my favorite picture of the three in this post. It's in the natural cloudy light and it definitely shows the glitter suspended in the polish well. Plus the glitter is nicely defined in this picture too, you can see some of the individual colors.

Lastly this picture was taken under artificial light, a huge thanks to the overhead light of the stove for participating!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this post and I believe by Monday this mani will be history, I'm assuming its going to peel off just like my last two did... grr.. don't even get me started on it. But by Monday I think the next sprinkles polish is in line to be posted!

Talk to you all then!