Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles Topping Lane.

Good afternoon!

Hope you all are well! Today I bring to you the second of the Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection, Topping Lane!

Topping Lane is a pink jelly base that personally I would like to see Nails Inc put out on its own; that is filled with small round silver, fusica and purple glitter. I know Nails Inc. says its a different color but to my eyes it's a deep purple which I like a lot!

Once again two coats is the perfect amount to achieve opacity. I definitely feel like I have dipped my hands in pink frosting and then matching sprinkles. Speaking of sprinkles this polish also matches the sprinkles and candy coating I bought for the cake bites I will be making next week for my sister/BFF's baby shower. Maybe this will be my baby showers manicure.

Ok before I get to pictures I wanted to let you guys know I will be do a nine week summer nail art challenge! I will be doing it alongside Adri from Moriesnailart, and Lindsey from Polish and Diamond! I think I will do a separate post tomorrow to give you all the details!

Ok now for pictures! All picture are two coats with top coat in natural sunlight!

Hope you enjoy!