Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles: Sugar House Lane.


Today I have one of four polishes I was super excited to get my hands on. I finally placed a much needed first ever online Sephora order.

I have only been to Sephora on a couple of occasions but never bought much. Sephora is slightly out of my price range. But after hearing a lot about the Sprinkles collection from Nails Inc. I knew I had to get them!.

I had a little bit left on a gift card from Christmas so I figured I would use that and get two of them. But Sephora sucks you in by teasing you. How? Well once you add a product to your cart a little note pops up saying if you spend x amount of dollars more you qualify for free shipping! The minimum purchase for free standard shipping is $50. So I got sucked in and bought the rest of the collection and a Soap and Glory shower gel.

I can complain though I'm enjoying every bit of what I ordered plus the samples!

So here it is Sugar House Lane. Its not my favorite of the four but I like it for work. It definitely came in handy yesterday when our specialist from corporate was around.

The polish is a beige jelly base that I can tell wants to mimic milk chocolate frosting with sprinkles like the little cupcake picture on the bottle. The glitter is small and round, colored black and silver that does look white in some instances.

The formula is amazing! Two costs and I'm good to go! You do need more than one coat of top coat to even it out. The pictures below show Sugar House Lane in natural sunlight and the last one is with a flash.

Until next time!