Sunday, July 1, 2012

Funky Summer Neon French!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I also hope you all have an awesme 4th of July holdiay for those of us here in the states! Tuesday the day before is my 25th birthday! I am so excited!

Today I bring you a manicure I've been wanting to do for a while but I couldn't find my french manicure guides. I finally found them today and bam, popped out this funky french manicure!

I orginially started with three coats of China Glaze's newest neon I'm With the Life Guard. This is my absolute favorite green polish that I own right now! Its super bright and floresent, and any polish that makes my mother go "oh goodness" is a winner in my book. I wore this color as a plain mani yesterday and got a few compliments from co-workers.

I tried to get a good sunlight picture, but the sun didn't want to cooperate. I tried with a flash but it just made my fingers look like I dipped them in radioactive waste and glowing.  This polish is super bright, three coats and its opaque. I think since its been quite warm outside and somewhat inside my house the polish did thicken up a little but nothing that I couldn't handle. I'm pretty sure this polish is going to make an appearance for some Halloween manicures! Yes I know October is 4 months away but I can't wait for fall! Its my favorite time of year!

So on to the french part. By finally finding my nail guides ( which I should re-purchase) becuase god knows I cannot free hand french tips to save my life! I chose Beach Cruise-r also from the new China Glaze Neons.
Its a lovely dark purple. Not necessarily an in your face neon but I'm sure when its not over top of a bright green it has some brillance to it. I can't comment on the coverage, or opacity at this time with my bottle since I haven't done a full mani with it yet.

You can definitly see the difference when Beach Cruise-r gets its picture taking with a flash and then in the natural sun. Top is with flash and bottom is natural sunlight. I did add a bit of art to my accent nail just by dragging a black striper from Sinful Colors.

I hope you enjoyed this! Have a fabulous end to the weekend and the holdiay if you live here in the states!

Talk to you all soon.