Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Cruise-r on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hi! Its Monday, not my most favorite day of the week. Although what better way to pass the time with a new blog post!

Today I bring you a star filled neon manicure. This past week has been crazy! Tuesday was my 25th birthday, then it was the fourth of July and then I spent most of the week hanging with my family and friends. Of course I treated myself to some new polishes over the week and I will feature them as soon as I can.

But I figured I could start out with a new polish I bought at my local Walgreens. I'm talking about the Fergie Collection from Wet 'n' Wild. I have been lemming that star polish! After dropping my dad off at the train station early I popped in right when they opened to take a peek.

 I was super excited to find the entire Fergie Collection practically untouched at the end of one of the beauty isles. I immediately grabbed two of the three star polishes on the display and one of the gold and black glitters., I like a lot of the glitters they had, but I didn't have enough money to get all the ones I wanted.

When I got home I took off any existing polish and started off with two coats of China Glaze's Beach Cruise-r. Beach Cruise-r is a lovely medium dark purple neon. It doesn't have the shimmer that the other ones in the collection do. Application was very nice, not streaky like other neons are. Two coats gave me great opacity.

After letting it thoroughly dry I then set off to apply Hollywood Walk Of Fame. This polish is multicolored stars in a clear base. There are plenty of stars in the bottle and the clear polish is kind of thick. I could get lots of stars on the brush, the brush by the way I think is the same wide brush that are in the new Megalast colors. Not entirely sure though. Getting the stars to place where I wanted wasn't too hard but sometimes they come off in clumps and you have to constantly swipe the brush to spread them out.

What I was surprised to see was mini bar glitter mixed with the stars, I definitely like that. Sorry but the photos in this post I took with my iPhone. My batteries in my camera died and I have to charge them.

None of these pictures were taken with flash, all the light you see is natural sunlight from the window. With the clear polish being so thick in HWOF I thought dry time would be super long. It wasn't though. A good few minutes and the polish was okay to touch with my fingers. Letting it dry a little more I then applied my top coat and let that dry for at least 15 minutes before taking pics,. I didn't want to risk smudging. God knows I'm they champ when it comes to it!

So that's it for this post. Fergie's collection can be found at Walgreen's. Mine retailed for $3.49 a piece.

Until next time!