Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L.A. Girl Disco Brights. Vinyl Record.

Holy crap!! Long time no post! I am so sorry for not posting! The last time I posted was the last day of the SNARRRKM Challenge. That's over two weeks! I feel that is so unacceptable! I just wasn't inspired by anything.

Although today I am back! Today I have a polish from L.A. Girl Disco Brights polish. This photos and notes on this polish has been sitting in my 'need to blog' folder for at least a month now!

 All of the polishes that are in this collection are creme finishes and glow under a black light! I sadly do not have a black light, so I can't show you how cool this polish is.

Vinyl Record is a pretty teal creme that leads more blue then green. I think I have like three of them now!

The formula on this polish was a dream. Two coats and perfect opacity! The brush is the usual standard brush and I had no problems with it.

I think that this polish would be great to stamp with and then sticking your hands under a black light and only the bits that you stamped light up!

L.A. Girl polishes are usually sold at Rite Aid. At least that's where I got mine from. I don't actually remember how much this was but I want to say it was probably $3.99.