Sunday, May 27, 2012

SNAAARKM Challenge Day 7

Hey all! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

Today I know I'm late posting day 7 of the SNAAARKM challenge. Day 7 was supposed to be water marble. Sadly I did not have time to do a fresh water marble. My dad came up from taking care of his dad on Long Island. He wanted to spend time with me since I never get to see him.

It has been a nice father/daughter weekend! So I decided I will show two of my past water marbles. One that I did for the 31 Day Challenge and then on that I was going to post for Easter but it sucked so I never posted it.

Water Marbling can be a tricky thing to do. I know that I have tried over and over dozens of times just to either not like the colors or the designs. The top two photos were done during the 31 day challenge. It looks like toothpaste, doesn't it? The colors I used were great on spreading across the water but the combo just didn't work.

When starting your water marble it might be easier to tape off your fingers using scotch tape, or using Vaseline, which is a tip I heard from one of the SNAAARKM girls! Using a base coat of white polish will also help your polish colors pop as well!

This design I had in my head thought it would so freakin cool. But the colors I used were just too light against the white back dropped that I used and it just looked horrible!

Some tips that I have learned when water marbling is that:
 Mind you none of these tips are my own I learned them by reading and watching a ton of tutorials!
  1. Use ROOM Temp water. If the water is too cold the polish will just sink to the bottom and well too warm, who wants to stick their finger in that!
  2. Use newer polishes, if you polishes are older and thicker it will be harder for them to spread out. Unless you thin them out of course.
  3. Practice makes perfect! It really does, the more you try the better you get!
  4. The size of the container you use matters too. I found using the cups from an old Easter egg coloring kit worked really well. Smaller containers can work well so you don't use a lot of polish!
  5. Lastly the one other tip I remember and its not my own but the height from which you drip your polish from can effect how your polish spreads.
Okay so I hope some of these tips helped you out and maybe you will attempt water marbling in the future,