Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SNAAARKM Challenge Day 5. Your favorite Effect!


Hope you all are having a good start to your week!

Today is SNAAARKM Challenge Day 5! Wow it is going by so fast! Today is all about my favorite effect!

There are a ton of different effects out there for nails these days! There are holographic top coats, flakies, crackles, magnetics, this could probably go on! Today I chose to showcase a magnetic polish. When magnetic polishes hit the market I bought into them instantly. The first ones I got were from Clarie's in the mall. Then China Glaze came out with theirs, ( I had such high hopes for that collection) then literally every company was coming out with them. I was just in Rite Aid the other day and saw another smaller brand had come out with some and that Sally Hansen has released theirs as well. 

Unfortunately I don't think I want to pay the $10 price tag on them :(. Today though I bring you one of the Color Club Magnetics. I am definitely noticing that Color Club is becoming more readily available to people via Hot Topic, which is where I got this magnetic polish.  Also Rite Aid now sell Color Club polishes!

This polish is called Hypnotic. It is a bright medium fuchsia polish that when the magnet is applied it brings out a lighter fuchsia with a wavy design. Color Club had six polishes in this collection and this is really the only one that stood out to me. Now I see it everywhere!

This is what the Hypnotic looks like before the magnet and its only one coat! So if you don't want the magnetic effect then this polish is really pretty on its own!

                                                     This picture is natural sunlight.

These last two pictures are in the shade. You can see how dark the polish actually is.

I think I'll keep this on for a little while before changing back to a bright neon for summer!

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