Sunday, May 20, 2012

SNAAARKM Challenge Day 4: Glitter, Rhinestones, and FIMO! Oh my!

Happy Sunday!

Today marks Day 4 of the SNAAARKM Challenge! To remind you of what is yet to come!

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Today is Glitter, Rhinestones, and FIMO! Oh my! I chose glitter for today since I don't have the other too! With my job even putting a nail sticker on isn't worth it. I had two on this past weekend on my thumbs and they came off by the time my shift was over. I also had put a top coat over them to seal them in! I don't feel right investing in something that's not going to last long. :(

Anyway on to the glitter portion of the challenge! I love glitter polishes! As much as a pain in the you know what to take off, ( unless you use the foil method) I love the way the sparkle in the sun!

The glitter I chose for this was one of the new Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Glitters. I don't remember the name of the collection I think its Bejeweled. They all have royal sounding names though.

The one I used is called Speak When Spoken To. I also own Bow In My Presence. These are color shifting glitters, similar to the China Glaze Prismatic.

I layered about three coats over Funky Fingers Sugar Plum Fairy. I really wanted to capture the color shift and got some of it but I didn't get the best sun since it was going down when I went outside to take pictures.

Its primarily a blue toned glitter and then shifts to a pink/purple in the light. It super pretty on the nail in real life in the sun. The first picture I was trying to get the pink to show through and due to my poor timing of lighting I only got the blue side. I wonder though if the choice of base has anything to do with it.

So that is it for my glitter challenge day! I hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to do a swatch by itself of the nail soon with Bow In My Presence.

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