Friday, May 18, 2012

SNAAARKM Challenge Day 3: Dotting Tool

Hello! So today is day three of the SNAAARKM Challenge! It means its dotting tool day!

I don't own any dotting tools....I use toothpicks with the ends snipped off, but its the same thing practically! You can still make beautiful dots with them! That's what I attempted to do here.

I had this fantastic idea in my head and thought when I translate this to my nails then its gonna be friggen awesome! Yeah its more of meh to me. It didn't come out the way I saw it in my head, but hey do they ever??

For the dots I used the whole rainbow! Really I did, look!

I know you can't tell the orange from the red on my thumb nail, :(. Here is a list of the polishes I used.

Base color: Pure Ice Superstar
Red: Jessie's Girl Wham Bam
Orange: Sally Hansen Crushed
Yellow: Hard Candy Splendid
Green: China Glaze Starboard
Blue: Simply Sweet Blue
Purple: L.A. Colors Striper in Purple.

I wanted it to be like the candy dots you see but with the rainbow effect! This took me back to the 31 Day Challenge when it was Rainbow Day!

Here is a little better of a picture. I think my dots weren't spaced out right or something but I still semi liked it.

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Until next time!