Monday, May 14, 2012

Let the 7 Day Challenge Begin! Day One: Jelly Sammich!


Today I bring you the start of the 7 Day Challenge!

So this challenge consist of 8 lovely ladies and 7 days of challenges ranging from today's challenge of Jelly Sammich to Water Marbling! As it goes we shall be posting every other day and at 6p.m. Since most of us are on EST that's how we came up with the time.

So on to today's challenge. Jelly Sammich. A jelly sammich consist of using a nail polish that is sheer and has a jelly like finish that you can layer glitter in between coats of polish. In this challenge each lady will be able to interpret the challenge in there own way!

Here is my take on the Jelly Sammich. Since none of my polishes have that jelly like finish except for one and I didn't care for it much I found some sheer creme polishes that did the job just fine. To help me out it did put down a layer of white first and then a coat of color to help combat streaky-ness. Streaky polish is my enemy!

I used Simply Sweet Polish in baby pink which I bought at Marshall's before Easter. Then layered one coat of Spoiled Trust Fund Baby. Trust Fund Baby has gold, blue, magenta and black square and round glitter and is perfect for sammiches.

As you can see I missed a small spot on my middle finger. :( oh well. now that I'm down to three nubs I tried to shorten all as best I could except for my pinkies there the only finger nail that grows fast and strong.

I think I will wear this manicure more often with a different color. This makes me want cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles now. Also I must go hunt down some jelly polishes as well too.

I hoped you like this post and if you did go and visit the 7 other fabulous ladies who are doing this challenge.

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Until then.