Sunday, May 13, 2012

Funky Fingers Pastel Swatches.

First off Happy Mothers Day to all the fabulous moms out there! I hope you all who are celebrating with your mom or if you are a mom are having a wonderful day! I too am spending the day with my mom. It was luck of the draw that I didn't have to work today even though they tried to make me!

Today I bring you swatches of some Funky Finger Polishes I picked up a few weeks ago at Five Below. I love that they do 3 for $5 polishes and 2 for $5 on there special ones ( usually crackles). I also found out from Alaina from The Little Canvas that the company that brings us Funky Fingers also brings us Color Club! How about that right?

So to start off there are three pastel colors that they have put out for the spring season. A lovely mint, baby pink and a lilac/lavender. All three of the pastels have a lovely gold shimmer that is very visible in the bottle. On the nail, well I get to that.

First up is the mint color called Mrs. Mint. Appropriately named this is the polish I had the worst time with. It is beyond streaky. Which is sad to say because its my first and only true mint color.

The formula is on the thin side, and can flood your cuticles easily. as you can see when  I tried to clean up my cuticles. When applying this polish you have let each coat dry practically completely or else you get major brush drag.

This is three coats, I can't remember if I put a top coat on for all the polishes or not. I'm going to say yes there is a top coat on these swatches though. Now for the bummer on the gold shimmer. I was so happy to see it in the bottle and then on the nail it gets lost. Unless you are in blinding sunlight you don't see it at all.

Next up is a favorite, mainly because of the name. The pink pastel is called Queen Cupcake.

This polish reminds me of Pink Friday by OPI or the Nicole by OPI Kardashian color. This polish is streaky as well but you don't have have each coat completely dry before adding another coat. A few minutes is more than enough and three coats is good for opacity. 

The last and final color is called Sugar Plum Fairy. Now I know that, the name is usually associated with Christmas, at least to me. I would of picked a different name for it. Out of the three though this had the best application. Yes the first coat is streaky but not nearly as bad as the previous two and its such a pretty lilac/lavender color that you could get a way with it all year round.

Two coats is good for this polish and the shimmer that isn't prevalent in Queen Cupcake and Mrs. Mint actually can be seen in this. The camera didn't pick it up but I could see it in real life.

Funky Fingers is available as I said in the beginning at Five Below. They always run specials for 3 for $5. It worth a trip in if you live near one.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Until next time.