Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Water Marble

Hello! Happy almost Easter everyone!

Today I am going to bring you an Easter Water Marble that I can say I like and don't like.

I have been soo busy with work that I haven't had the time to actually think of stuff to do on my nails for Easter. I do have some bunny nail art that I am going to post tomorrow!

Every year when I was a kid my family would color Easter eggs. All the kids would get around the table at my aunts and have at it. I even remember my dad would get in on it and actually poke a holes in a raw egg and blow out the yolk so you would just have shell and it would be like a piece of art.

This water marble is inspired by that. I took Sally Hansen's Hard To get, a nice white creme polish and painted my nails the standard two coats to make the perfect canvas. Then I used the following polishes in no particular order create the marbling effect.

  • Simply Sweet Blue
  • Simply Sweet Baby Pink
  • Sally Hansen ( a lilac purple I can't remember the name of)
  • Milani 3D Holographic Polishes in Cyberspace, Hi-Res, and Digital.
I just alternated the creme colors with the holo ones then did a drop of white in between. They do look like the dyed Easter eggs, I just think that with pastel colors water marbling is harder to make it look good. Like I said, I like them and yet I don't. This was my second attempt. My first attempt I did a different color on each finger and it came out awful!

So I hope you like them! You know the only thing I wish for was a way to make water marbling less messy. I did use tape to help prevent clean up but I still had a lot to clean :(

These are all taken in sunlight from my window. I do like the idea of water marbling, I just think I need more practice. Maybe that will be a goal to set out this weekend or something, practice water marbling!.

Okay so stay tuned for a Easter bunny manicure for tomorrow!