Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bunny Ahoy!

Hello again!

I just couldn't stay away today! I know I said that I would post my Easter Bunny manicure tomorrow on Easter itself, but I took off my water marble and did a different manicure I would like to post tomorrow, sooo ...

I wanted to do some sort of nail art for Easter.My lovely friend over at The Little Canvas, did some amazing Easter nail art. Four of them to be exact. So I definitely had lots of inspiration to draw from! Go on and click her blog name to check it out!

So For this Easter manicure I started with my background color of Wet 'n' Wilds " I Need a Refresh-mint". As I have heard it is an exact dupe of For Audrey!  After letting that dry I used a toothpick by snipping off the pointy bits to create a dotting tool and proceeded to create the bunny on my ring finger. To make his the pink of his nose and his ears I used Simply Sweets Pink creme I got from Marshalls.

Then using more toothpicks I snipped the ends off of, I dotted pink and yellow on the rest of the nails to make it seem like Easter eggs.!

The first two pictures are in the setting sunlight and the last one is with direct flash.

I hope you all enjoyed this! I will talk to you all soon!