Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bolts of Blue!

Hi all! Happy Thursday!

Hope you all have been doing well. For me life has been okay, a little depressed due to personal/family stuff but hopefully that will be sorted out soon. Now on to happier news!

Last week I went a tad bit overboard in the polish department... I bought lots of polish over the course of four days. That's the most I have ever purchased in one span of time. It was all worth it though because I hadn't bought any new polish in about a month.

Today I have one of those colors for you! The first place I always check for new polishes, (drugstore ones at least) is Rite Aid. One day on a whim after work I stopped in and BAM, there were at least like four new collections out including Color Club Polishes! If Rite Aid Plans on beginning to sell Color Club I am all for it.

This color is not from CC though. Its from a company called Hedy I did a review of one of their "holographic polishes".  This polish is from there Electric Brights collection, they all have a satin matte finish. Oh and of course they are neons! You have your standard pink, green, orange and yellow, they had a dark blue and a bright electric blue. This electric blue is appropriately named Bolts Of Blue.

The price tag on these polishes is $3.99 I believe. I could be a dollar off but don't quote me, and I'm not sure if prices vary from region to region. Its best if you check your local Rite Aid for the correct price.

Okay so enough with the rambling and lets get to the pictures. Stupid me forgot to take pictures before I stamped over the manicure. You can still tell how awesome this color is though.

First thing when I swatched this polish I wanted to either stamp something on it or use it for stamping and I think leopard print is perfect!

This polish is nice to apply. Two coats and its opaque. By itself matte its a very pretty color, but adding a top coat makes this polish a pretty gem! It just comes alive as an electric blue with tons of shimmer that is perfect for the upcoming summer!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I also hope if you want this color you can find it at your local Rite Aid if you have one near you!