Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spoiled: By Wet 'n' Wild. Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Hello lovey readers!

Hope you all are having a great beginning to the week. So far so good for me on my end. I have come to realize I have lots of untrieds to get through and lots of colors in my collection that are not on the blog. So I will be working on those until I get my tax money and can buy some polishes. Right now the drug stores have limited stuff out and my wallet doesn't want to let me withdraw from it....

Anyway, back I believe it was last week I found out through Nouveau Cheap, (you guys know is my go-to for all things beauty related!) that CVS was going to be having a sale on Spoiled Polish. Spoiled Polish is made by Wet 'n' Wild, the sale was that you could get the polish for 2/$3. I couldn't pass it up since I don't own many of them, ( I am now up to four).

I first chose the color I am presenting to you today. Mind Your Own Beeswax! I do not own many yellows, well actually I only own one and that is Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen. Trying to branch out of my comfort zone I chose this, seeing that it reminded me of CG Sunshine Pop from their spring collection.

I don't believe that Mind Your Own Beeswax, is a dupe for Sunshine Pop. Its a build-able sheer. Although since I don't own Sunshine Pop I can't do a side by side check. Honestly I thought it was too sheer. It does have the lovely golden shimmer that Sunshine does though. It took me five coats of polish to get it to opacity and I could still see nail line at times.

The first photo is probably my favorite, that what I was hoping for the polish to actually be. Opaque in two coats and a nice finish between a creme and shimmer. The middle picture is the polish in its true color, a darker, golden yellow. Finally the third picture you can clearly see my nail line on my pinkie and my pointer, and I think my ring finger, the next time I use this polish I will be using white as my base coat or a thin coat of mellow yellow. The drying time on this was not horrible but even though I waited a few minutes in between layers, I still could ding the polish easily.

For a $1.99 or $1.50 this polish is a good buy even if you have to use a solid color base under it. I'm glad to have added it to my collection. If you like to have five layers of polish on your nails then by all means use five, but for me personally I can only stand about three, then drying time becomes an issue.

Hope you all have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by!