Thursday, March 29, 2012

NOTD: Follow the butterflies!

Hello!! Happy Thursday!

Is anyone here a Harry Potter Fan? I am! I prefer the books to the movies, but that's a discussion that would take up a lot of time! Anyway for those of you that are fans know that in the second movie Chamber of Secrets, that when Harry and Ron are following the spiders, Ron says " Follow the spiders? Why couldn't be follow the butterflies?"

 I don't remember if its the same in the book or not and I have no idea where my copy is to cross reference. Today's manicure is inspired by that line. It came to me while I was changing my polish this afternoon.  I wanted something bright but with a pattern. Pulling out my stamping plates I started wanting   alternating flowers and butterflies but then the first set of butterflies ( which looked like little cartoon butterflies)  smudged and all went to pot. So I took it off and tried a different type of butterflie that looks more elegant. Viola! Success!

For my base color I went straight for my China Glaze Aquadelic, the bright blue is exactly what I needed to make this icky weather seem more bearable. Not to go off track here but... yeah the nice weather got me sick. Allergies and a cold all packed in my body together. There are times I feel fantastic and other I just want to curl in a ball! Thanks to Flonase though I am doing much better and think I will live.

Anyway, Aquadelic is an awesome two coat bright blue creme that just makes a perfect palette for a black stamp. Breaking out my Wet n Wild Black Creme, I went to work.

Here's the result!

All of these photos are with out flash, in natural sunlight coming through my window. Its too cold and windy to go outside today :(

The little dots around the butterflies are free handed with a toothpick!

Hope you all like this! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Talk to you all soon!

P.S. I just noticed that my blog turned 1 back on Sunday the 18th and I never acknowledged it! I'm so excited that my little blog is a year old. I have accomplished a lot and met so many new amazing people and made some awesome friends as well! With out readers or my new polish friends I don't think my blog would of made it to a year old! So Thank you to everyone who has visited-read-and subscribed!