Saturday, March 10, 2012

Milani Neon: Pink Hottie

Hi everyone! Happy weekend! Hope you all are doing well!

 I was in the neighboring county yesterday to drop my dad at the train, I was also on the hunt for the Nabi Magnetic Polish that are supposedly popping up at Walgreens. Did my Walgreens have, neither did the other one I went to. I saw swatches on Scrangies Blog and I'm dying for the red one. I'm hoping that they will pop up in the Northeast next week or so since they were spotted out in the midwest already. Heres to hoping!

So after striking out at Walgreens I went over to the CVS across the street and looked at the Milani display to get another 3D Holographic polish. I bought Cyberspace, the blue one and one of the Neons, in Pink Hottie.

That is what I bring you today Pink Hottie! I think this is my perfect pink color! Its that bright bubblegum pink that suits the warmer weather and is just all around girly!

I know that neons dry matte, that doesn't bother me at all since a top coat can fix that in a pinch. The application I wasn't so happy about. It was really streaky and my non dominant hand can attest to that. It took about the standard 3 coats to be opaque, I did add a fourth coat just to make sure it was all good, especially on my right hand.

This first picture is the polish all by itself with no top coat. Even matte this polish has an amazing gloss to it!

Here it is in the shade, no flash with a top coat. It looks so much darker than it is. Outside of the pictures this color makes my hands look really tan. 

Finally we have in the sun and with a flash.

That's it for today! Do any of you own Neons from Milani or just any neons in general??

Thanks for stopping by!