Sunday, March 11, 2012

100th Post! China Glaze Magnetix.


Two things I am sad about today, 1: The weekend is almost over and 2: Daylight Savings Time....loosing one hour of sleep is not fun...

Enough about that, today is my 100th post!!! And it also coincides with the fact that my tiny little blog will be one years old one week from today!!

Today I bring you, finally China Glaze Magnetix. I bought these as soon as they came out in January, I held off on swatching them for the blog because I needed practice with this. Plus every time I would try them, they wouldn't work or I would mess them up.

I ordered three colors, Drawn To You, Instant Chemistry, and Pull me close. I ordered them through 8ty8 Beauty's website for I believe $4.06 a bottle. Each online retailer has different prices so you can sort of shop around for a few cents.

This is the magnet that you can buy for an additional $4.06. To be honest I was not happy about having to buy the magnet, I would of like to see the magnet in the cap like, Nails Inc. and Clarie's. This magnet is not the strongest either and you will see that in some of the photos. You have to hold it extremely close to your nail to get a good design, and with that you risk hitting your nail greatly and messing up the design.

The designs you can choose from are the star, which is my personal favorite, the diagonal stripes, and the chevron. The chevron design was the one I wanted to work the best but it was the worst.

Since I had lots of time to practice and I also tried other brands of magnetic polish, I feel China Glaze could of done better with this collection. The colors are nice, but brighter ones would have drawn me to buy more.

Application of these polishes are iffy, on some you can get away with one coat and others you need two, but I found especially with Drawn To You, if you used two coats the design did not show. As where if you used two coats with Pull Me Close and Instant Chemistry the designs showed up more.

This is one coat of Drawn To You, and the diagonal magnet. No top coat.
I found a top coat would muddle the design. 

These two pictures of Instant Chemistry are two coats and a top coat.
I used the star design here except on my pointer finger.

Pull me close is by far the best one out of the three with creating the design.
Once again two coats with a top coat.
If your a nail polish addict like me then maybe adding one or two of these to your collection is worth it. Plus if you have any other brand magnetic polish you can use the magnet from them to create a design on them. Although no one else I think has a star pattern out. If you just want to have a magnetic polish my honest opinion is that they are plenty of other brands out there that are worth your money than these. Sorry China Glaze.

So that's my swatches and review of China glaze Magnetix. Not my favorite collection and not the best magnetic polish unfortunately.

Hope you all have a great start to your week. Talk to you all soon!