Monday, February 13, 2012

Swatch Time! Pure Ice Twinkle!

Hi all! Back to Monday again! Bleh, but I only have to work tonight and then I get three days off! I'm so excited because this week is my mega shopping trip with my 2 best friends. I plan on doing some damage! Okay well not a ton of damage but a good dent.

Today I have a look a polish I picked up at Walmart back on last Tuesday. I usually don't buy Pure Ice, they don't always stand out to me, but I decided to take a look and see what spring time-summer colors they might have that I can't find anywhere else.Plus the price tag of $ 1.97 is pretty easy on the eyes!  I do own two other Pure Ice Colors which now that I think of it I will swatch and put up on the blog soon! I own Heartbreaker and Mint Dream.

I almost got Purple Reign, which I will get eventually it's just that I have soooo many purples already. I want to branch out to colors I don't have like corals, oranges, yellows, blues and greens, and even some pinks. Believe it or not I don't own a lot of pinks...

Twinkle from Pure Ice is a very rich peachy orange toned color. It has a slight gold shimmer running through it so I can look like a creme but upon closer inspection its a really magnificent color!

In this photo out of the four I used  auto color to show you the true color of the polish. My Camera tends to make it a little more warmer then it really is.

In the bottle shot photo I tried to capture the amazing gold shimmer that runs through this polish. You can sort of see it.

This polish is on the sheer side, it took about three coats to be opaque for me and I could still see minimal nail line after three coats. When I say minimal I mean I had to be looking at my nails in a specific angle sort of way ( yup its opaque in 3 coats.)

Probably after Valentines Day I will be switching back to this color either as like the pictures above or I am going to try out a french manicure with it.  I think that this polish is going to be a go to all throughout spring and summer for me!

Hope you all go out and get this color or at least check out your Pure Ice displays at your local Walmart!

Come by tomorrow for what I actually will be wearing on my nails for Valentines Day!

Bye!! Nicole