Friday, February 24, 2012

OPI Pros and Bronze

Happy Friday!!

Today I have a gorgeous polish from a Serena Williams Glam Slam Duo. I'm not sure if this was one of the first Glam Slam Duo's that was released but I'm glad I got it.

I found it at TJMaxx, my new mecca for spotting OPI polishes. Sometimes you can get really lucky and find some great deals! I think I'll stalk mine more often! In this duo pack you got Love Is a Racket, which I used in a Valentines Day inspired manicure and ( and obviously by the title.) Pros and Bronze.

I was unsure about how a copper polish would look on me and how it would mesh with my skin tone. I applied it first to my pinkie, to full opacity to see how it would look, and that way if I didn't like it I would just be able to take it off. As blogger though I thought I have to be thorough and wether I like it or not I had to wear it. I need to take myself out of comfort zone and try new ideas and colors.

Applying this polish is nice, 2-3 coats reaches full opacity and gives you tons of shimmer. Its easy to control, not runny like its compainon was for me.

This polish reminds me of a new pennies when you get them from the bank . The shimmer in this polish is what makes it interesting to me. Its not just the bronze in it, I detected gold shimmer and the occasion flash of lime green? Not going to lie here I really saw it!

The next few photos are with a flash and without. You kind of get a different look to it when you aren't shining light directly on this polish. Depending on the angle you hold your nails at, this polish almost looks a golden yellow. My camera didn't want to capture it though.


No Flash

No flash. Plus this is my favorite picture!

In the first photo of the three you can see the somewhat golden tones this polish gives off and in the pictures without the flash (I just noticed as I am typing this) looks like the cooper pots that have those little divets in them.

All in all I'm still unsure how much I really like this.  I'm going to say its a love/hate relationship. I think if I was paler it might be better.. but then if I was tanner I think it would look good too. I don't know!  I feel it doesn't mesh well with my skin tone but its workable. Does that even make sense? That whole paragraph was probably redundant.

Anyway, thats all for this post today! I think I'm going to start to work on some St. Patricks Day nail art even though I don't celebrate it, (not irish) :(.

Talk to you all soon!