Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nails Of The Day! Aquadelic and Whimiscal Man!

I feel like when I say the title to this post that it should be with that hippie vibe! Oh and while holding up a peace sign!

Happy Superbowl Sunday! If you live in the states of course! Today I finally broke out my Revlon Whimsical! I didn't have any blue polish to pair it over, and definitely did not like the look of it by itself, its a milky polish that is just too sheer, you could see major nail line :( It would probably take like 8 coats to become opaque!

So I took China Glaze Aquadelic as my base color. I can't rave how much I love this color and the name! Its like a robins egg blue creme that just stands out on its own, and 2 coats makes it perfect,  pairing it with Whimsical was a good choice!

I also changed the shape of my nails to a more square shape then rounded. Rounded just doesn't look that good on me, and since two nubs are coming in squared anyway. So after one coat of Aquadelic and almost 3 or so of whimsical to get the right glitter ratio, here is what I got!

I have to say that I did top this off with Seche Vite. Sally Hansen is still my number one top coat but I just wanted a little bit more of a glassy look to my manicures lately so I broke it out! I think Sally Hansen has one that is like Seche Vite, I want to say its the Acrylic Top Coat, but don't quote me!

I think I am going to buy a back up of Whimsical, my local Rite Aid has a spot for it on their core display of polishes hopefully they will have one in soon!

Hope you guys like this as much as I do! Talk to you all soon!