Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I bring you Milani!

Hi lovely readers!

I am so surprised that it has been over a week since the last time I posted ( okay its only one day over a week). Still The last thing I posted was my Valentines manicure. Okay, two days after Valentines Day I went to the mall for some much needed retail therapy. I had Sephora gift cards I wanted to use, and maybe get some polishes too...even though I am "supposed" to be on a polish ban until the end of March when the Hunger Games Collection comes out.

I sort of broke that ban, only because I found 6 polishes that were on my wish list and one that was recommended to me. For a grand total of 7 the most I've bought in one day!

Today I bring you the first of the seven polishes. I am going to space them out by once a week maybe two in a week because I feel it will give me more blog post to plan. Work has me by the gonads, working crazy shifts. Yesterday I had to work till 10pm at night then come back in at 7:30 this morning. Not fun when you can't go to sleep right away. That's been one of the many reasons why I hadn't posted in a week. After my shopping trip I found out some not so nice stuff about the some of the people that I work with who decided its cool to talk crap. I now realize my circle of friend is now on one hand. I'll spare you the horrid boring details but yea that's one of the reasons.

I also got sick. Yup, my mom had a cold on Valentines day then kindly gave it to me. Thanks mom! So I was sort of unable to breathe and talk without hacking up my lungs and blowing my nose 24 hours a day! Needless to say I am much better now and couldn't wait to post this color for you guys! I even got sun pics!

Okay so since you guys have gotten through my very long intro, here is the reward with some lovely pink holographic goodness!

This is Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polish! I was very lucky enough to walk into the CVS at the mall and while my friend Stephy was bearing with me as I dragged her through, I hit the Milani display and found all six of the 3D Holos! I grabbed four of them since they were the only ones that stood out to me. I will probably go back and get the other two.

This is Digital. It is a pastel pink scattered holo, that sometimes when you catch it in the right light you can see some slight linear holo too. I would like to say that these polishes have a jelly like finish to them. The photos I am going to show you are 3 coats, you can't see my nail line but to my naked eye I can still see it. It doesn't bother me but adding one more coat made the difference.

The jelly like finish is something that I really like about these. These are my first holographic polishes, and boy am I addicted. I plan on buying back ups of these either online or when I go stalking some CVS soon. Shhhh... don't tell my mom. She is the one who is trying to help me enforce my no buying policy.

I did try to create a macro shot so you can see some of the colors but its not the best.

I love the rainbow effect with this  polish the '3D' effect that you get kind of makes the holo seem suspended? When you first apply these they seem like it would be gritty but its not at all!

Okay I think I have ranted enough. If you can still find these at your CVS I would say grab them! I paid $5.49 each for mine, but it was worth it. On the CVS website they retail for $4.99 and I think the the same on the Milani Website itself, but don't quote me. But I just checked and they are!

Oh and if anyone out there knows how to take a good macro shot please let me know!! I am always wanting to know new tips and tricks I can do with my camera!

Talk to you all soon!