Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE Manicure

Okay so the day before NYE I had to work till 10 and usually when I get off at 10 I like sometimes like to wander the store and see if there are any nifty new things to see. About six months ago I found that my grocery store carries OPI nail polish, It used to be just like 10 colors or so all individually packed and hanging on a clip rack. About two months ago I saw they had gotten in a small rack that was from OPI and had four designated spots for blues, reds,brights,and purple.
Of course none were in the right spots but there was more polish on it then we had originally had, so to make a long intro paragraph short, I check it every couple of weeks to see if there are any new colors. We had recently gotten in some of the Serena Glam Slam duo's and what not.

So back to checking that rack on Dec. 30th. I noticed there were a few new dark colors that caught my eye. The first one I picked up was OPI Ink! which I plan on getting maybe this payday if I don't succeed at Sally's tomorrow. Anyway, I started pulling out polishes from the back and low and behold there it was, the polish I had been lemming for, since two summers ago. Linkin' Park After Dark. My BFF had worn it and when I saw it I was in love. So of course it had to be fate that I had won 10 bucks on a scratch off hours earlier and now I found this. So I bought it and wore it for NYE.

This is a perfect 2 coater and a amazing dark plum purple color. To kind of jazz it up since it was New Years I put one coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, the original version. On a side note I'm not exactly happy that Sally Hansen re-released a polish with the same name. 

So that was my NYE manicure, and I think this polish will come in handy when having to do a couple of manicures for the 31 Day Challenge this month!

Okay so stay tuned for tomorrows post!