Monday, January 16, 2012

Nail Stamping Plates: Old and New ones!

Wow two post in one day I must be on a roll or something. Looking back at my Tribal Nail art I don't think I got the meaning of it, but I like the tribal stars, I'm not good with the whole tribal thing. Just another part of this challenge that has made me grow and learn what I need to practice at!

But on to a better subject! Back before Christmas I bought the As Seen On TV Salon Express Nail Kit from my local Rite Aid and was super excited to use it. say for the rest of December until I got involved in the 31 Day Challenge.
Most of the plates that I received in the kit were of flowers, and two full nail patterns. You can only do so much with once I had heard that you could get possibly other nail plates if you buy the kit from different places I thought maybe I should give it a shot. I debated about this back and forth ever since the beginning of the month and finally broke down yesterday when I was in CVS and saw they had one left. My grocery store that I work for also had the kits but for some reason I wasn't compelled to buy it there. My thoughts were that if I buy this and the plates are the same I can gift it to someone who loves to do their nails as much as  I do and if not I get some new plates :)

I am happy to report obviously by the title of this post that the stamps inside the CVS one were extremely different and I am more happy with those then my original ones. The designs are definitely geared toward my type of designs and there is a plate that I cannot wait to use for Valentines day, even though I am some what anti-Valentines Day.

Okay so this post is going to be kind of picture heavy but I wanted you all to see the plates I have!

Okay so the next 10 pictures...yes 10 are individual shots of all the plates I have and the above pic is the 5 newest plates I bought!

This and the plate above came in the kit found at Rite Aid,
This came in the CVS kit

These two plates are of the pretty flowers from the first kit!

last plate from the Rite Aid kit

These four pics are all the new plates I got yesterday! I LOVE these designs
and the XOXO stamp on the one above Is so going on my nails for Valentine's day!

Okay so now that you have successfully scrolled through 10 pictures of metal plates can you stomach one more of the tools you receive with your kits?

I thought you could! Anyway above is your plate holder and scraper and stamper. The plate holder and the scraper I personally do not use, the plate holder just gets messy when you are scraping polish off the plates and the actual scraper they giver I find scratches the plates up so I use an old gift card that obviously doesn't have money on it  LOL. It works much better at cleaning off all the excess polish. This is a messy process but so much fun to practice and when you start to get good you just don't want to stop using it!  Make sure you also have paper towels underneath your plate so you don't get polish everywhere and have quite a few cotton balls on hand with some polish remover too!