Monday, January 2, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day Two: Orange Nails.


So today is day two of the challenge and its time for some orange nails! I have never gravitated towards orange before, its always been one of those forbidden colors for me. Today though, I conquered my fear and bought one, not only for this challenge but for the fact that if I am going to do nail art I am going to need an orange polish. Plus you can't mix a red and a yellow polish and hope it pops out orange, been there tried that. :)

Today I have Sally Hansen's Crushed, from the Xtreme Wear line. I love the Xtreme Wear line, most of the time the polishes have a decent price range from $2-3 and the color selection isn't all that bad. Crushed kind of reminds me of the orange soda under the same name, if only the label was shimmery.

Crushed is a sheer shimmery, more red toned orange that is opaque in about three coats. It is very shiny on its own so in my pictures today I didn't use a top coat. I will apply one before I go to work tonight because I know I'll chip it. Again I am showing you pictures with my IPhone since it seems to be the only camera that can capture somewhat of a true color image. I do think though that once we get out of the brights and into patterns and darker colors my digital camera will cooperate.

So lets bring on the pictures!

I have to credit the sun for helping make these pictures possible today! The formula is nice on this, once you get it to be opaque the shimmer is so pretty and it doesn't leave the streaky shimmer lines of where you have gone over a few more times then you should. All in all for my first orange polish I like this color, my skin tone almost goes a little tan with this on which is always good during the winter!

Day two complete! On to day three tomorrow! I will probably have my NYE manicure up later today or tonight when I get home, it has to do with a polish I was dying to get my hands on for over a year. Who knew my little grocery store would sell it!

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Oh and I almost for got don't for get to check out the two other amazing ladies doing this challenge too! Lindsay at Polish and Diamonds and Adri here at Morie's Nail Art!