Sunday, January 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day One: Red Nails.

Hey polish lovers!

Okay so this is totally spur of the moment decision, but a fellow nail polish addict named Lindsay from Polish and Diamonds is participating in the 31 Day Challenge, where you do a different manicure everyday, its contains all different types of things to do! Inspired by her and another nail polish blogger I have decided to give it a shot! I've been trying all day to come up with nail ideas and some of the idea's I had went with this challenge.

So the first day's challenge is red nails. Not my most favorite color or flattering for that matter on my nails, I thought I would do Velvet Bow from China Glaze with a coat of Ruby Pumps over it to give it some pizazz. When going to take pictures my camera decided to ' lets make Nicole's nails look like cherry stubs' so yeah..
.I just put a few more coats of Velvet Bow over top and succeeded in having a decent red nail manicure.

Velvet Bow is not a typical red polish; it's darker and more vampy but it suits me and is probably my favorite red that I own. So on to the pictures, my iPhone got better pictures then my camera so that's what I'm using!

Please forgive my absolutely horrible cuticles, this polish is so unforgiving and clean up just makes it worse. :(  As I believe Lindsay stated on her blog this challenge is going to give us something to keep up with and get our blogs out there a little more. This looks like it will be an awesome challenge for me. Its going to give me an excuse to break out my stamping kit!

Okay so that's all for day 1, tomorrow is orange I believe and I don't own any orange polish, guess that means I'll have to go buy one tomorrow! Yay for this challenge for feeding my addiction!

Oh and remember you can follow Lindsay and I on twitter as well. Lindsay is at @polishanddiamond and I'm at @MyNailsMyPolish !