Wednesday, January 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day 4: Green Nails.

Hello lovelies!

Today is Day 4 and it is green nails day! Yay! We are now getting into colors that I really like and are wearable on me! Also for the first time during this challenge my digital camera decided not to freak out so I actually got some good shots!

I didn't realize I had quite a few greens and I was up in the air over which one to use. I was going to wear China Glaze Starboard from the Anchors Away collection which to me is like a true grass green, with a jelly like finish. Then I saw that I had a green I hadn't worn at all since I bought it, I rarely ever do that, I at least try to wear it once.

So that is what I have to show you today, Sinful Colors Open Seas. I believe that this was supposed to be the dupe for OPI's Mermaid Tears, which I was actually going to buy but then came across SC and the price point is what sold me. $1.99 vs $7.99? I think I know who was going to win that battle. :)

Open Seas is a murky dirty pale green creme that is a dream to apply. Okay I didn't mean to rhyme in that last sentence... anywho, two coats is more then enough for an opaque coverage. You could definitely get away with one on this polish if you so choose. It is shiny without a top coat but if you want your shine to last, top coat is your best friend! This polish is smooth and levels out evenly with each coat, no streakyness what so ever!

 The flash makes the polish look more pale then it really it is. It does dry a bit darker, which is why I took the picture below with my iPhone, no flash so you could see the true color.

As always remember there are other lovely ladies who are also taking part in the challenge. I cannot wait to see what they come up with today! Check them out!

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That's it for today! Hopefully I will have another post up soon about NYE I know its late but, I've been a little lazy with posting it. : /

Have a great day girles!
Nicole :)