Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 31! Re-create your Favorite Challenge!

I cannot believe that this is the last day of this challenge! I have learned so much from everyone who participated! I think I picked up tips and tricks for a million things! I'm so sad this is over but a little bit relieved that I won't have to change my polish so often anymore!

Today was recreate your favorite challenge, and we all decided that it would be a a good idea to choose a manicure from someone else to recreate. I had to chose two. I wanted to pay homage to Lindsay and Adrianna, who got me into this challenge and have become my best friends during this challenge!

So for my manicure I started with two coats of China Glaze from the Electropop Collection, Wicked Style; a bright fuchsia pink creme. Then like Lindsay did I also chose to attempt Adrianna's polka dots of glitter, and I also chose to recreate two ghosties from Lindsay's Pac-Man nails yesterday!

For the polka dots I used my Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy and picked out all the large purple hex glitter i could find do use! My pinkie came out the best and for the Pac-Man ghosties my pointer came out the best!

I am so grateful to Lindsay and Adri for letting me join in on the challenge and now I am at almost 2000 page views and 10 followers! I hope to gain as many followers as them some day! I cannot wait to post more this week starting with a Valentines day Nail art on Friday! So stay tuned for that!

I also want to thank everyone that took the time to come over and read my blog as well, with out the readers there would be no blog!

Meanwhile now that your done reading this, I have one last request and that is to check out the other fabulous ladies who are finishing this challenge today or still working on it!

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Hope you all have a fantastic day! Oh and if your a Glee fan Don't forget tonight is a new episode where they pay homage to Michael Jackson!