Monday, January 30, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 30 Inspired By A Tutorial

Good afternoon!

Today is Day 30 of the challenge! I'm still in disbelief that February starts on Wednesday! January has been an awesome month with this challenge, so many exciting things have happened not only with my blog but in my personal life as well and they continue to grow in that area!

I am so thankful that I get to share it with you guys on the blog!

On to the tutorial inspired nails. This tutorial is actually a re-promote from back in October. I kind of went through an "need to practice nail art everyday" phase and this was one of the ones that I was so proud of!

JulieG whom I have talked about many times on here is a famous Youtuber whom this nail art is inspired after. She does all different kinds of  nail art and polish reviews and also deals in makeup too.

As you can tell I MAJOR nubs at the time I did this tutorial but I think it suits it. I used Kiss Nail Stripers in Black and White, L.A Colors Striper in Pink, and the gold on the cup part was Sinful Colors All About You.

Here is the best shot!

My thumb! This was the one I was so proud of. This nail art was a hit at work! Here is the video to the tutorial.

If you want to see the tutorial Click link here (JulieG713 Hot Pink Cupcake Nails!)

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