Sunday, January 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day 29 Inspired by the Supernatural! Plus an Update!

Happy day 29! Only two more days left of this challenge! Today is be inspired by the supernatural! I am all for the ghost and aliens and the unknown. October is my favorite month just because of all the shows and movies that come out! Every Friday night I religiously (when its a new episode) watch Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel! They are by far the best ghost investigators out there and literally give me chills with each episode even if I have already seen it! Yes I do believe there is something beyond that we cannot see, I have had plenty of experiences to back it up!

With my little rant out the way, you should watch the show and see that my nails are not a tribute to them, I am no way ready to attempt and butcher their logo for the show on my nails. So I took more of different turn. Who doesn't know who Super Mario is? I grew up with him from the time SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was out till now! If you don't know Boo the ghost in the game then you need to go play now!

This was my  first attempt at recreating him and I think I did okay. Not amazing but it looks like him and that's what counts! I remember playing Super Mario and every time there was a level that dealt with Boo and he would pop out of a wall, as a kid I jumped. Now he is just the cute little ghost that is synonymous with pop culture.

Wow I think that was a college level word in that last sentence I just cranked out! 500 points to me!

There you go, a little Boo for my little nail! The background is Aquadelic from the Electropop Collection, I got two from the collection which I will swatch and review for you soon! I also used Sally Hansen Hard To Get, Wet n Wild Black Creme and China Glaze Phat Santa.

Check out the ladies who are showing their spookiness today!

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**So now for the update! Once this challenge is done, I have so much stuff coming up to show you guys! I cannot wait. While I was at work last night I actually started planning what needed to go up next month and wound up planning out about a month and a half of blog posts. There is not enough for every day but at least 2 times a week! Not to mention that there are a couple of other collections coming out next month and in March that will also help take up time! So with that said I cannot wait to get to show you tons of nail art and reviews and swatches! YAY! **

Talk to you all soon!