Tuesday, January 24, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day 24 Inspired by a Book!

Good afternoon polish lovers !

Today's challenge was to be inspired by a book. First book I thought about doing was Harry Potter but then I thought about my other favorite book, Twilight. I love this series, the books are amazing and the movies just bring it to life!

Now don't get me wrong I could of done something for all four books in the series but I thought that might take too long to complete and I only wanted to stick to the book that started it all.

For my manicure I started off with Wet n' Wild Black creme as my base and then I stamped some sparkles in white to represent Edward's sparkly-ness. On my middle finger I stamped an apple. I wish I had a better red to do it with so I will include a close up of the apple, and then on my ring finger I have a heart that looks like something that would represent Edward and Bella together.

What book inspired my friends today??? Check it out!

Lindsay                   Holly
Adri                    Tawny

Talk to you all tomorrow!