Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day 20 Water Marble Nails!

AHHHHH!  We have come to my favorite nail challenge of this whole thing!!

Happy Happy Friday Ladies!

Today I have for you Water Marble Nails!! I was so excited about this one, I watched dozens of YouTube tutorials and then went to work on practicing a few times. The key trick to water marbling is A: have room temperature water! I noticed if the water was too cold that the polish would dry quicker and you couldn't make a design. B: have lots of toothpicks and cotton swabs and remover available. C: Color combination! This is where it is key to your design, not all colors work together like you may think, I think I tried tons of different ones before realized what would work.
I even tried using glitter and flakies. My one suggestion if you use either is that you have a dark color as your base because other wise the don't show up well. If you do use a white base like I tried, you could see it but a black base might have been better.

In today's pictures, they are not the ones that I originally had, I had done one with pink and black and it came out great but my camera took crappy pics even though they looked okay on camera so I redid my nails and used Velvet Bow, Mode #119 and Wet 'n' Wild I Need a Refresh-mint.

The first and last pictures were taken with a flash and the middle is in natural light and all three are with out top coat. they sort of remind me of the rings of Saturn if they were those colors. I have come to find as messy as water marbling is, the fact that it gives you that great manicured look with little clean up thanks to tape.

Oh yeah did I mention tape??? Make sure you have Scotch Tape or Masking Tape on hand to tape off the sides and cuticle of your nail... other wise you will be covered in polish! Taping off your nails actually makes clean up around the nail easier. I think I Might try that when I regularly paint my nails!

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