Thursday, January 19, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 19 Galaxy Nails!

OMG I cannot believe this challenge only has like 12 days left! I am sooo sad this will be over but I want to continue posting everyday! Maybe not a new manicure everyday because trying to do that now with this challenge is just too much!

Day 19 is Galaxy Nails! How exciting! I get to practice my sponging techniques yet again and this time I think I passed with flying colors!

For the polishes I used is OPI Linkin' Park After Dark as my base color...
then sponged Sally Hansen Hard to Get ( which is my new white polish) then I used Wet 'n' Wild's I Need A Refresh-mint and lastly some of the Claw Polish in Phantom. I did also put one coat of flakies over it to give it more of an other worldly effect!

I really like this challenge, it looks more like a nebula then a galaxy but I think galaxies are formed from them? Ha ha yeah I have no idea if that bit of science info is right so don't quote me! This manicure does make me think space though.

This manicure was fun but now I must go take it off and go work on my Water Marble nails for tomorrow!!

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Have an awesome day everyone and I will talk to you all tomorrow!