Thursday, January 19, 2012

31 Day Challenge. Day 18 Half moon Nails.

Hey guys!

Okay so first off I'm glad to say I'm back today with two post! I'm sorry I had to miss a day but we had a death in my family. :( My two younger cousins lost their dad in a terrible accident at his job at a ski resort. I'll spare you the horrible details but he was a life taken way to young from this world, we will miss him dearly! I'm more worried about his son and daughter then myself. I have never dealt well with death ever since the first death I experienced when I was 9. I don't get emotional and I get nervous and have no idea what to say. The only time I ever got that emotional was when my grandmother passed February of last year, I still get emotional from that time to time. I guess we just all deal differently.

anyway on to more brighter things, I couldn't wait to start doing my nails again! The 18th day was Half moon nails. I have never done half moons before but I have seen them done many times and always thought they were cool!

So for my half moons I did a base of Wet 'n' Wilds I Need A Refresh-mint, with a coat of flakies from Finger Paints over it then did the half moon with OPI Linkin' Park After Dark. I free handed these so they are a little lopsided, I couldn't find the re-enforcers I wanted to use to help create a stencil.

Not to mention I am super sad that my pinkie nail broke last night! I got home from work and saw that it had started to tear so I just cut it off. I guess it can't be that long. The last time it was that long it broke off when I was at work and I didn't even realize it. So now I have two nubs, my left pinkie and my right hand thumb... time to break out the nail growth stuff! Or I should just buy the hair and nail vitamins. I've been considering it but if you guys could give me some feedback I'd like that.

Do any of you take vitamins for your hair and nails??? Leave comments below!

Okay so that is all for today! On to today's post Galaxy Nails!!!