Tuesday, January 17, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 17 Glitter Nails!

Hello lovely Lacquer lovers!

Today is glitter day!! What girl doesn't love glitter polish! I know at least a quarter of my collection is glitters! It was so hard to choose a glitter polish today! After a few trial and errors I decided to show off my favorite glitter that is so compatible with my skin tone and one that, due to the name of it of course women would love to have.

On my nails today is Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money ( who wouldn't want big money?) Its a warm gold chunky glitter with pastel pink hex glitter sporadically throughout it. Its not shocking and it makes my hands look a little more tan. Then what was supposed to be on my accent nail but wound up on my middle finger was Marry A Millionaire from China Glaze. I have never been a huge fan of bar glitter but this one is just fabulous! Its small purple glitter with lots of green and gold bar glitter!

Of course glitter can be a royal pain in the tushi to take off but if you stick with the tinfoil method it will come off in a pinch and easy around the nail clean up.

I have to say like my fellow bloggers have said the only pain staking thing about doing this challenge is having to take off all these manicures as soon as we do them! I am currently working on tomorrow's challenge which I have never attempted before at all, but I cannot wait bring it on!

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Talk to you all soon! Nicole