Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update: Impress Press-on Nails


Today I have an update on my Impress Press-on Nails from Broadway Nails. So I only wore them for the last three days but I have to say that these are the most impressive fake nails I have ever come across in my entire life. I only wore them for the three days because I knew that it would be a enough time for me to give this product a work out.
If I wasn't in the Christmas festive mood I would of kept wearing them, and I definitely think they keep to their claim of lasting up to a week for sure! Now I have loved all things nails polish and nails since I was a little girl and I have tried many different press-on nails and even the dreaded acrylic nails. With the other brands of press ons, they only last about a day or so as soon as I would get my hands wet or caught they would peel up, acrylic well they just ruin your nails all together.

These press on's are absolutely fantastic! Applying them Friday morning was no hassle, my only real concern was that they would not last with A: me washing my hand a million times or doing the dishes, and B: surviving my labor intensive job.

Every time I washed my hands or did the dishes and dried my hands I would look for signs of peeling, but there was none what so ever. Then last night was the real test for me, would they hold up working 6 hours being customer service, and switching out tills, counting money, and just  being banged around. I was almost certain that they would be peeling off by the end of the night, but nothing. They absolutely had me dumbfounded by the fact that the glue on these nails was holding the way it was.

Now It could of been that maybe my nails are almost the same length if not slightly longer then the actual press on but even so, having my hands under hot water and digging into tills should of done something.

So all in all I am thoroughly happy with this product! My still only downside is that not all the nails were wide enough to fit some of my nails so when it came to presentation you could still see some of my natural nail.

While in my local CVS today I actually found a display of these nails and saw they are very reasonably price at $7.99. I am definitely thinking about purchasing other designs and using them for when I have special occasions to go to and or don't have any nail polish to suit the situation. My best friend also was amazed by these and wants some for herself, she said and I quote "they are awesomeness in a nail".

So that's my first review from my Influenster box!