Thursday, December 22, 2011

New York Color Liquid Lipshine!

Today I have my second Influenster product to share with you.

New York Color is one of the most affordable and popular drugstore cosmetic brands out there!. I'm going to quote straight from the Influenster website here as to how NY Color describes their lipgloss : "It has pure pigments that created a 3-D gloss effect. Vitamin E provides shine and a moisturizing feel" I have had plenty of NY Color products in the past and my mother uses their blushes and face powers constantly

Today I have their Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City. I love the name play on this. I have to say when I first looked at this in my Voxbox I was super excited to have a new lipgloss to try out. I haven't purchased any new ones in quite a while.

Although I'm not normally a lipgloss person, I barely wear lipstick. Chapstick however is my BFF in lip wear during the winter months.

The color of this gloss is just like the name: nude. That is perfectly okay in my book, I'm not huge on color unless it's like a pinkish color. This color is the same as my actual lip color. It basically just makes them shiny. Once again that's okay in my book, it makes it easier to pair up with a stronger/bolder eye look. There is a shimmer to this gloss but I don't see it transfer to my lips, and I do like sparkle sometimes. The smell is okay it's the regular vanilla scent and it doesn't taste like anything.
You can decide for yourselves wether you think that's a good thing or not for me I am moot on the matter.

Okay so now to the two downsides of this product. The applicator, I feel it is just a flimsy piece of plastic with the fuzzies on it. I would much rather see a doe foot applicator on these lipshines.
For me the application got a little messy trying to stay inside my lip line and sometimes a little too much product came out or not enough.

The other thing is that personally I found this to be a bit sticky on my lips. I'm not a fan of that. I know not all lipglosses can be made not sticky but for me because it's sticky it didn't last long on my lips. :(

By the time I'm done drinking something or eating the lipgloss is gone and I don't feel like having to reapply it all over again. I do have to say that this gloss is the perfect gloss for my job though. Being with the public all day and not having a lot of time to eat and drink, it helps dress up my work look for sure!
All in all it's a good lipgloss and I would love to buy other colors and see if they are different. For the price NY Color says the price of this lipshine is $2.49 and are readily available at major durgstores, Walmart, Target, etc. You can also look at other NY Color products by going to their website at

Oh and btw my pics will be at the very bottom since I am uploading this from my phone. Oh and sorry they are so small :(

Okay so that is my take on NYC Liquid Lipshine.