Friday, December 30, 2011

My Favorite Polishes of 2011! Part 1


Time to throw my two cents in and give my favorite polishes of 2011! Now since I didn't start my blog until March of this year, I didn't get on the band wagon of all the new collections. I always wish that I had gotten in to polish sooner! None the less I have my 10 or actually 11 polishes that I have declared my favorites of the year. Granted the polishes came out in the latter half of the year( end of August till now).  These are in no particular order, I just picked them because I wore them a lot or talked about them at length, and not just on the blog in real life too.

The first polish that I chose or actually didn't want to include because felt it would be cliche, since its really going out of style like parachute pants. Although without it I would not have my first post on this blog. So Crushed Candy from China Glaze's Crackle Glaze Collection starts out my list. By no means is this polish my top pick, crackle has been sort of over done.

Crushed Candy was my first step out of my 'normal' color range, I never wore bright colors like I sometimes do now, or nail art that stands out. It gave me the courage to put my nails out there and start talking about how much I enjoyed nail polish. In the picture below you can see my first pic wasn't the best, polish on my cuticles and it was taken with my IPhone. It was my spring time mani that started it all though.

Number 11 China Glaze Crackle Crushed Candy
On to number 10. This pick is totally my mom's. I blatantly asked her what her most worn polish she purchased in 2011 was and she chose L.A Colors Nail Lacquer in Ballerina. Ballerina is a rose petal pink with subtle shimmer. My mom has constantly worn this polish all year along with switching it up now and again with Mod Hater from OPI. This polish is opaque in two coats and last quite a long time on the nails. My mother rarely uses a top coat since she feels with her job of working with machines. Somehow her this polish lasts on her. Here is the best swatch photo I could get. My camera did NOT want to focus on this color and every picture inside and out in the glorious sun was blurry. : (

Number 10 L.A. Colors Ballerina

Number 9, Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice! This was a fall/Halloween polish I was on the hunt for. My local Rite Aid was the only ones to sell it this season and after seeing a swatch of it I was hooked. Pumpkin Spice is orange micro glitter in a dark/black jelly base. This polish is definitely for layering, without a corresponding base color one would be piling on layers of this to get opacity.I wore this as my Halloween manicure and was happy with it since all attempts at nail art had failed. It was fairly popular in my area since when I had bought my bottle there were two others in the display and the next week they were gone.  I should say all of these swatches that were done outside are 2 coats. No top coat either.

Number 9 Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice
Number 8 is Phantom from this years Fright Night Collection that was available at CVS this fall. I got this after seeing how unique it was, and I am all for the unique polishes! Phantom is a light graphite color polish that is opaque in about 2-3 coats, you can definitely get away with two but three might be better. This polish is nice because its has a shimmer to it but not the standard silver shimmer that you would think. The shimmer is of bits of blue and purple, none of which shows up in photos, but looking at the bottle you can clearly see it. I don't know why I didn't wear this more often, but I think I will break it out more often in the new year for sure. I took an extra photo in the shade with this to see if the sparkle would come through better, you can be the judge for yourself.

Number 8 Fright Night Claw Polish Phantom

Number 8 in the shade
And I think I will end part one with number 7. That way the final six will be up on the last day of the new year. Even though as you are reading this and I am typing it, it is already new years eve.

The polish I pick as my number 7 is, Tinsel Town from China Glaze's Let it Snow Holiday Collection. I was on the fence about this polish when I first saw it, I though I don't need it, I don't like it, then I saw it in person, and chose it over Twinkle Lights. Tinsel Town is a chunky silver polish in charcoal jelly base. It makes it look like the snow you would see on the old TVs. It makes me think of the slush and ice you would normally see around this time of the year. Knock on wood we don't have any here yet in NY. Its opaque in two coats for me, but like any glitter dries gritty and needs top coat. Since my holy grail of top coats is the Insta Dry By Sally Hansen I find its the only top coat that it doesn't eat like crazy, Seche Vite on the other hand is like an appetizer for it, and any of the other glitters I have on my list.

Number 7 Tinsel Town From China Glaze
So that is part one of my picks. I hope you like them all, I know they are mostly seasonal polishes but I was late on the bandwagon this year and didn't really dig into my polish adventures until I got back from Florida in August. Stay tuned for part two coming up tomorrow!

Talk to you all very soon! Nicole