Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011! Part 2

Back for round two! Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope your all going to ring in the new year with loved ones or partying it up! I will be working til 10, going home ringing in the new year with my mom and then straight to bed to be back at work at 8:30AM. *sigh* One day I will have a job where I do not have to work holidays and weekends.

Okay so for the last half of my fave picks for 2011 begins with Velvet Bow from the Let it Snow
Collection from China Glaze. This polish has been deemed for me, my perfect red color. Its not super bright, but bright enough to make it stand out just enough. Its a definite wearable color that is not just for the holiday season. Two coats is perfect for my nails although I tend to get bald spots back toward my cuticles because I used too many brush strokes. Even without a top coat this polish is super shiny. The only downside I have about it is it's removal, using just a cotton pad or ball makes the polish bleed all over my cuticles. That just shows how pigmented it is.

Number 6  Velvet Bow
Number 5! Number five is a polish that I couldn't wait for to come out. I was literally stalking my local Rite Aid for weeks until they got it in. Julie G is a awesome Youtuber who got to create her own polish line with Jessie's Girl Cosmetics, seeing all the swatches of the polishes, I knew I had to get some. So Stiletto from the JuileG line was one of the stand out polishes of the bunch and one of the most talked about it seemed to me. Stiletto is a purple taupe with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. Its kind of on the grey-er side but that's what makes it unique, I have seen quite a few other polishes like it but no one has duped it yet! Its a 2-3 coater ands is a great 'wear to work' color for those who can't wear bright stand out colors.

Number 5 Stiletto
Next up, is a polish I didn't think would flatter my skin tone, but surprised me! The Gem Crush Collection from Sally Hansen was the collection that I couldn't wait to come to my local drugstore because it had 90% of the dupes for the Eye Candy Collection from CG. I figured they would be out before CG had their collection out and it would be more readily available. All of my local drugstores were either the last ones to get the collections or just late in putting them up. But I am glad I didn't wait to purchase the Sally Hansen ones they were $ 7.49 a bottle versus the $3.50 I paid a bottle for China Glaze thru the Internet. But alas two of them stood out to me and I broke down and got them. Here is number 4 Big Money. Its a 2 coater and a rose gold color with pink hex glitter dispersed throughout. It very flattering and not harsh in any aspect.

Number 4 Big Money
So this next pick is another from Jessie's Girl and its also again from the JulieG Collection. Mermaids Lagoon is a wonderful teal color with bits of gold shimmer running through it. Its vibrant and beautiful in two coats! I did do a whole post on it here.  So I won't go too in depth about it, just look at the pics!

Its not a robins egg blue like the camera makes it to be I promise.
Number 3 Mermaid's Lagoon.

My number 2 pick I can say is definitely the sister polish to Big Money. Its the exact opposite, Lorelei's Tiara from the Eye Candy Collection is my absolute favorite from that collection. It is one polish I reached for over and over during the month of December. Its silver glitter with baby blue hex glitter running throughout it. It got so many compliments. The first time I wore it was to the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere and my BFF Steph was constantly grabbing my hand at dinner before asking me questions. We literally talked about make up and nail polish for the whole length of dinner. Our other friends including her boyfriend just tuned us out like they usually do when we talk make up and stuff.

Number 2 Lorelei's Tiara
Okay So for my number 1 pick, is a glitter that is so pretty if I could I would give a bottle to everyone I know who wears nail polish. It is an exact dupe of Some Like It Haute, but its a pretty wine/magenta color. Lady Luck is my top pick for my favorite polishes of 2011. It is by far the prettiest thing I have seen in the bottle and on my nail this year. It is what I wish Some Like it Haute was, a wine colored glitter with holo bits. Once again its opaque in two coats but needs lots of top coat like any of the other glitters I have listed. I will let the picture speak for it self but out of the Gem Crush Collection this one was the definite stand out for me! I'm debating on picking up a back up, just in case. :)

Number 1! Lady Luck, This swatch doesn't have 
top coat so you can see all the beautiful glittery goodness

Okay so that wraps up my picks of 2011. I know all these polishes came out in the latter half of the year but they still are awesome in their own rights. Next years will be much harder to choose from I'm sure. I hope you guys liked this and will continue reading my blog in 2012!  I have so much fun posting and sharing polish and reading other blogs as well! There are so many collections coming out in 2012 that I can't wait to see and I'm even more excited about the ones that haven't been shown yet either! So I wish all of you a healthy happy new year and hope it rocks for all of you!

Talk to you all in the new year!